A Little Tamarind, and a Lot of Weight Loss

Have you ever seen yourself in a dress that shows off those extra curves? Have you ever looked an outfit which felt right in your mind but didn’t really complement your body?  Have you grown out of clothes that you would’ve bought just a few months ago? Or have you just lost your confidence because you saw the weight scale?  We all might have some or the other reason to lose that extra kilogram on us. To be healthy, to be fit, or to just feel better about ourselves! Over the changing course of time, we have seen many methods popping up and forth about how one can lose weight. Going for it the natural way has been a more...

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The Best Gift Basket for a Foodie

Looking for gift suggestions for a foodie? Well, if your someone loves food, he would be delighted to have this gift basket full of Indian traditional readymade snacks. This has a mix of sweet, salty & spicy snack which will take him to the memory lane. In addition to the nutritional value, this will also connect him to the Indian roots. GoDESi gift basket includes 20 Imlipops 2 packs of lemon chaat 2 packs of amla bites 1 pack of banana bites 1 pack of jackfruit bar + 1 handmade artisanal basket — an add-on to gift & surprise. Imlipop is an age-old traditional spicy sour treat made with fresh tamarind, jaggery, chilli and curry leaves. A perfect mixture of sweet, sour...

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Nostalgia through the monsoon

Monsoon is almost here and with monsoon comes the earthy smell of rain, the greenery all around, holidays and of course the food we eat! Pakodas & Chai are already on my mind. Even today after so many years of crossing childhood, the monsoon season never misses to hit you with nostalgia. There have been many movies that have been made around this season because, for some reason, we Indians love the monsoon season!  I remember last year, I was home for my vacations and I broke my ankle while hopping on the stairs. Except for the fact that I was in severe pain, I had a blast in those two months of my hairline fracture! My cousins greeted me...

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