Nostalgia through the monsoon

Monsoon is almost here and with monsoon comes the earthy smell of rain, the greenery all around, holidays and of course the food we eat! Pakodas & Chai are already on my mind. Even today after so many years of crossing childhood, the monsoon season never misses to hit you with nostalgia. There have been many movies that have been made around this season because, for some reason, we Indians love the monsoon season!  I remember last year, I was home for my vacations and I broke my ankle while hopping on the stairs. Except for the fact that I was in severe pain, I had a blast in those two months of my hairline fracture! My cousins greeted me...

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What our customers have to say about us?

GO DESi is an initiative started by a group of people who personally believe that there is nothing in the world better than home made food. The products, which we sell online, are completely and 100% hand-made by the people of rural areas. We have not only developed a taste for people’s taste-buds but also employment for the unemployed who really wish to earn their living with their hard work rather than depending upon someone else to bring them their food.  We have made a promise to bring authentic, traditional delicacies, which is made with love and care in small rural kitchens of India. We have successfully come up with products, which will remind you of your roots and take...

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The DESi benefits of Indian Goosebery

Known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is known for its nutrients and it's used in the medicinal practice of Ayurveda. It has eight times more Vitamin C than an orange, twice the antioxidant power of acai berry and around 17 times of a pomegranate. Amla is known as the “nectar of life” which has various benefits for the human body. We live in a world, where we can’t trust the food we consume and to change this, GO DESi brings you the best quality of Amla candies that you can munch on anytime you want. The product is 100% handmade with no preservatives and added colors. The products are made using the authentic recipe which has been passed over the generations....

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