The Curious Case of Tamarind Love

Imli Pop

What is with tamarind that wakes up the taste bud like no other fruit. We, Indians have been using tamarind since the time of Mahabharat and Vedas. Folklore says that the beautiful shape of the tamarind leaves is a result of Laxman’s skill with bow & arrow. Read the story. Even the word Tamarind comes from Arabic meaning the Indian date.

We have been using tamarind as a flavouring agent in Indian food for ages, one of our favourite curries is the South Indian Rasam.

How can one forget the Samosa with Tamarind & Date chutney?

We at GO DESi also decided to pay tamarind our own tribute with Imli POP, the new avatar of Imli lollipop that all of us have tried in our childhood.

If this has kindled your memories, you can get your hands on one here.