Use lemon to keep the sour memories away

Are you a travel junkie? Does traveling give you an adrenaline rush? But do you get nauseated and tend to experience motion sickness? Well, you are not alone.

With great traveling stories, comes the responsibility of dealing with motion sickness! 

Does this remind you of every single time you were uncomfortable during your flight journeys? 

Does this remind you of every single road trip where you had fun, but it also involved you throwing up at the side of roads?

Motion sickness for some people is a part of an awful yet usual itinerary. Like, their checklist is never complete without a bag full of medicines, probably a ‘throw-up’ bag, and strength in their minds to deal with it! 

More often than not, motion sickness medicines induce sleep. 

Medicines are effective in the short term but later can harm us in ways out of our imagination. Doctors and researchers don’t know every little detail about the human body, hence we cannot always rely on medicines. We should more often than not, try to solve the problems without medicines.  

One can avoid nausea by distracting oneself. This can be achieved by listening to music, watching something or generally doing something that triggers your creativity. 

It is not always very effective. 

Nature’s way is always the better way. 

People often say, “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade”. We here have a different saying. We say, “When life throws lemons at you, hold on to it”.

This leads to an intriguing question, is lemon good for motion sickness? 

This may come as a surprise, but research shows that just the smell of lemon might help soothe nausea caused by motion sickness. 

This fruit though sour could be a sweet taste of freedom in many people’s lives. 

Here are benefits of lemon for motion sickness and how it is effective:

1. Sourness: 

The sourness in the lemon is said to be effective in relieving nausea. 

2. Scent: 

The scent of lemon, the inhalation of lemon is therapeutic. This helps in soothing nausea and avoiding vomiting. 

3. Studies: 

There was a study done on pregnant women in 2014 to look at the effect or relief one achieves with the inhalation of lemon and how it is effective. 

4. Diffuser: 

You can use a diffuser with lemon lemons to feel soothing that it can help you get rid of motion sickness. 

In the case of motion sickness, we can say, a lemon a day keeps the doctor away! 

But you know what is pocket-friendly quite literally, even on an airplane ride? 

Our ‘Go Desi Lemon Chaat’! 

It contains tiny bits of dried lemon peel, with the perfect blend of Indian, chatpata spices. And you guessed it right! It is completely healthy and natural! This will be a better friend than one who holds your hair when you are throwing up!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Go, add to your cart, buy it and consume it in between meals and on every journey. Your friend awaits!