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7 Amazing Food Facts Every Proud DESi Should Know

7 Amazing Food Facts Every Proud DESi Should Know

India should be the food capital of the world. After all, there’s no place in the world with this kind of delicious variety. We don’t just love to eat our food, we think about it, talk about it, even dream about it (two words: butter chicken)!

We love it so much that we know our food facts very well. But here are some interesting facts about food in India that we bet you didn’t know!

1. Subtle “Curry” Traits?

When the British came to India, they couldn’t keep up with the massive variety of Indian food, so they just called all spicy gravies a “curry.” But the word doesn’t come from the curry leaf. It actually originates from the Tamil word “kari”, which roughly means any preparation of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, cooked with spices, and used as a relish with rice.
Image credits: Pushpak Dsilva
Curry - the catchall name for every yummy gravy ever. Hungry kya?

2. Agra ka Petha is as old as the Taj Mahal.

No trip to Agra can be complete without two things: Taj Mahal and the famous Agra ka Petha. Turns out - these siblings were born together! Shah Jahan wanted his chefs to invent a unique dessert that was as pure and white as his beloved monument.

Petha agra famous sweet

Image Credits: Eat Your World

No trip to Agra is complete without its delicious petha!

3. Science says Indian food’s yumminess is in the molecules!

This food fact is beyond cool. Science tells us that food gets its flavour from precise chemical compounds. When these are combined, every dish gets a distinctive taste. Most Western food pairs ingredients that have similar chemical compounds - like asparagus and butter, or white wine and strawberries. 

But like our society, our food favours diversity even at the chemical level! Scientists at IIT Jodhpur analyzed the flavour molecules in 2500 recipes of popular Indian food items from all over the country. Turns out, Indian food pairs clashing flavour molecules. That’s what makes it so yummy. 

Sweet wine glass

Image Credits: Pxfuel

White wine and strawberries are cool. DESi food is cooler. Science says so!

4. Wheat and rice were not the OG Indian staples. It was barley.

It’s hard to imagine eating anything other than roti-chawal now, but our ancestors actually preferred barley! Today, we use it mostly to make whiskey and beer, but it was the everyday staple of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. In fact, it’s the only grain mentioned in the Rig Veda. Our ancestors also loved to eat millets like ragi and bajra. You can grab a taste of history with some bajra-based Chakh-Na.

Indian food history

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons 

Our ancestors loved barley. So do we, in liquid form!

5. India is divided by geography, united by dal.

Disappointed by this Indian food fact? Don’t be! Dal is amazing. Indians everywhere, of every religion, creed, or caste, eat dal. It’s mentioned in the Rig Veda and in Buddhist literature, but archaeologists have proof that dal was eaten even before we started recording our history. And of course, we eat it even today. Dal unites Indians across millennia!

History of Dal

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Dal is the great Indian uniter, across geography and centuries!

6. Butter Chicken and Dal Makhni came to India through Partition refugees.

Shocked that butter chicken, dal makhni, and everything made in the famous Punjabi buttery tomato gravy hasn’t existed forever? We were amazed by this food fact too! Kundanlal Gujral, a refugee from Pakistani Punjab opened a restaurant in Delhi called “Moti Mahal”. He invented the famous tomato and butter sauce we now love and used it to serve leftover tandoori chicken. That day, butter chicken was born. This sauce was so marvelous that everything “shahi” in Punjabi food uses it today!

Team that set up the first-ever Moti Mahal in Daryaganj

Image Credits: Kundan Lal Jaggi 
The team that set up the first-ever Moti Mahal in Daryaganj.

7. Food gives energy - and takes some away.

Feel sleepy after eating lunch? Blame the pranic or "life energy" of the food you eat. The Vedas divide food into three categories - positive, negative, and neutral pranic food. It is said that neutral pranic food like potatoes do nothing but make you lethargic, while negative pranic foods like nervous stimulants and sedatives negatively affect the mind or body. 

So it’s best to eat positive pranic foods like lemon, raw and dried fruits, and whole grains. Want to test out this Indian food fact yourself? Try GODESi’s wonderful collection of energizing farm-fresh foods. We know you’ll feel alive! 

Go Desi Product RangeImage Credits: Akhil Suhas Vallabhaneni



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