Eat good

There was a time when fruits were seasonal, when the rays of the omnipresent sun were the only preservatives that was heard off, when recipes were treasured more than ornaments, when life was simple, when an apple tasted just like an apple should be.

We believe in those times, we are inspired by those times and so are our products & processes. So here is what goes inside:

  • Fresh fruit/fruit powder directly sourced from the farm
  • DESi tadka inspired from age old recipes
  • Chemical free, natural jaggery sourced straight from Mandya

A wise man once said that choice is as much about leaving the unnecessary and the harmful as it is about picking the right ingredients. We have taken that to heart.

At GO DESI, Not only do we focus on ‘must haves’, we also are absolutely sure what we will never add to our products:

No Artificial colour or preservatives

No Refined Sugar

Minimal Processing


With GO DESi our vision is to create India’s most loved FMCG brand manufactured, sourced and branded at the farm gate. We do this by setting up micro units in rural areas or source from micro entrepreneurs based in rural India. One such unit is at village Manangi Grama, near Sira, Karnataka. Today we employ more than 70 women here from the most disadvantaged sections of the society.

One such superwoman is Lalithamma. She is 33 young-bright-cheerful. She loves to reflect on her life as a young girl when she spent all of her time being pampered by her family. Growing up, she aspired to become a learned and encouraging school teacher.

While she couldn’t realize this dream due to her circumstances, she feels blessed and happy with the way her life has turned out. Lalithamma is now happily married with two kids whose dreams she hopes to fulfill.

As a person who has learnt to create happiness out of all the curve balls life throws at her, she believes that her true moments of joy would be when she gets her house painted, buys her husband a vehicle to relieve his troubles and a family trip to Dharmasthala. She loves working with GO DESi and has found another family- her work family.

Wonderwoman like Lalithamma that keep the GO DESi wheel turning. It is her story which inspires us to work hard every single day.

IMPACT till date

  • 117 Jobs created
  • 6 small entrepreneurs supported
  • 1.24 crores value captured in Rural India