Akhil handles Operations at GO DESi, he switched careers from working in the Finance Sector to Operations. He graduated from the University of Auckland and loves taking pictures of Mountains, Beaches & Gandalf in his spare time.


Hardik handles Sourcing at GO DESi. An Ex- KPMG employee, his excel workbooks are a work of art. When not setting up our micro units, he is the local dog whisperer!


Raksha Kothari is responsible for alliances & HR , she has extensive experience in the social sector. She has been a Youth Alliance participant and also a facilitator. She is a BTech and worked at KPMG for 3 years before getting into the social sector.


Vinay, has 10 years of experience in the FMCG industry. He has worked for bottom of pyramid solutions like E-Choupal, choupal saagar, set up distribution networks in rural and urban markets like Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat. He also managed Sunfeast brand for the Indian market, has handled multiple national brand launches in new and existing categories.


Krishna is our accountant, makes sure that every rupee counts.


Radhakrishna is our unit in charge at SIRA. A bachelors in Biotechnology, he is a state level cricketer and a big foodie.


Kavita is our one point contact between micro units and us. Her keen eye makes sure that we keep up to our high quality standards every single time.