GO DESi - Monsoon in Malnad

Monsoon in Malnad

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GO DESi - Monsoon in Malnad

It’s always difficult to start a journey and the first steps will almost surely be sabotaged by personal worries, too little time, fear of the unknown, misconceptions, indecisiveness, and definitely by lack of geographical knowledge. So then why not start with a map? A map of one’s own emotions that have been lying abandoned for too long like a dusty summer road in the middle of …nowhere.

GO DESi began to take shape while reeling off memories on the winding paths of northern Karnataka. In fact, GO DESi has always been in our mind, in a collective mind that connects generations through the childhood memories of the many intertwined scents in mom’s kitchen.

Monsoon in Malnad - GO DESi

Coming down from the benevolent mountains, we crossed a misty valley where all nature seemed to be saturated with water. The monsoon winds were hitting the trees hard and we were soaked by a continuous stream pouring straight onto our backs and into our trekking boots. We took shelter from the monsoon in the first tea shop that came our way and we gulped a cup of the blissful hot potion while looking at the distant farms clouded by the constant rain curtain. Then and there it was our first contact with Malnad, its magic farms, its unique foods and the very hospitable local farmers, surprised to see two lost trekkers in their quiet little village. Despite being lost, we found purpose. This was the start of GO DESi…