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GO DESi -Limited Edition Bespoke Handmade Gift Box

A bespoke and limited edition gift box is a unique gifting choice for every occasion. Each box is handmade, with sustainable materials, features designs drawn by Anaelle.

The box opens from the right side showcasing food products that have stood the test of time, passed on from one generation to another.

Each box contains: IMLI POP A tamarind candy with a spicy twist. Tamarind is hand-pounded with jaggery, Bydagi chilli powder, cumin seeds and curry leaves.

LEMON CHAAT: Like a pathaka, Lemon chaat explodes in your mouth with different flavours all at once.

AMLA BITES: Dried Amla brought from the Westen Ghaats. A classic, that can never go wrong.

JACKFRUIT BARS: Made of the choicest Jackfruit grown in the magical land known as Malnad.

WILD APPLE: Made from wild apple, also known as Heitup. Handpicked, dried and spiced straight from Manipur forests by a first-generation women entrepreneur.

OLIVE CANDY: Made from olives grown in North East India, the sweet-spicy flavour will keep you coming back for more. Ashtapada: An ancient Indian board game which will revive some of your childhood memories. Roll and move to reach for your favorite GO DESi snack.

- Regular price Rs. 700