1. What is DESi Collective?

 DESi Collective we intend to offer select 100 customers from Namma Bengaluru every week the choicest, handmade products at the cost we procure it. It is a subscription plan where you get multiple offers curated just for you.

You ask why we do it, we do it to for a very selfish reason, to create a community, a community which values hand-made over machine made, which values real stories over commercials, which values emotional connect over discounts.

  1. What can I expect from this subscription?
  • Flat 25% off on all GO DESi products
  • Flat 35% off on all new launches
  • Early access to new launches
  • Member only launches
  • Exclusive offers on most Hidden treasures of India
  • Free gift packing


  1. How does this Subscription program work?

You will sign up for the subscription after paying Rs. 195 after that you’ll receive a confirmation mail that you have been added to the DESi Collective community. To get access to exclusive products and offers, we will give you a unique link. Every week we will add a new limited edition product for you and you’ll get notification for the same through WhatsApp and email. 


  1. Why do I have to pay Rs. 195?

This is a one-time payment for DESi Collective subscription plan which is valid for a year. By paying 195 you’ll get exclusive offers curated just for you.


  1. Why is it open for only 101 customers?

DESi Collective subscription program is only open for 100 customers on first come first serve basis. There will be a wait list for the second phase. We believe in serving our customer

  1. What if I have any queries related to my subscription?

There will be a dedicated Customer service executive to solve all your queries related to this subscription.


  1. How do I get my money back?

If you are not happy with the subscription plan, you can reach out to our customer service executive and get the full money back


  1. What if products don’t get delivered within mentioned time?

If you are placing the order before 6 pm on any working day, you’ll receive the products within 2 days.  If you are placing the order on weekend the delivery might take 3-4 days.


  1. How will I get access to exclusive go desi products?

We will provide a dedicated link for you, from that link you can get access to all the exclusive products, new launches and members only launches


  1. For how long this subscription is valid?

Your subscription is valid for 1 year.