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Mango Memories

Childhood Memories of a Mango Lover

February 15, 2020

Mango plucking image

Sitting at work, staring at the computer, and noticing the rising temperatures outside, one may feel dismal. Winter is slowly beating retreat to usher in the blistering heat - but the childhood days of long summer holidays are over. Our only comfort? Our beloved mangoes. 

Sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy, always juicy - mango is the flavour of our childhood. All of us have fond memories of good times spent with friends, family, and India’s favourite fruit. 

Now that summer’s on its way, we feel the excitement like we did as kids - waiting for that first bite that will transport us back to our happy place. Take a trip down memory lane with us to celebrate the fact that mangoes will be here soon! Close your eyes, and remember...

1. That first moment when the mangoes arrive

Remember the excitement of mom or dad coming home in the evening with that first packet of mangoes? We would wait impatiently for those mangoes to cool in a bucket of water until finally...the time for that beautiful first bite was here. 

2. Stripping down to chaddi-baniyan as kids to eat mangoes

Every evening becomes Holi when mangoes are around. Because mangoes give us permission to make a mess. Clad in chaddi-baniyan, the rich orange-yellow pulp dripping luxuriously down our chins...who can forget that image?

3. Aamras, all day every day

Aamras is like the nectar of the gods. In mango season, we would have this wonderful mango puree with every meal. Even the simplest roti or poori became yummy dipped into rich aamras.

4. Who eats the gutli?

So well-loved is the mango that eating it is always a battle - to not eat the gutli! We would fight with our brothers and sisters to grab the tender pulpy parts until finally mom or dad would give up and eat the sourer seed themselves.

The ghutli

5. Not hating that morning glass of milk because mango shakes are back.

Even Bournvita and Horlicks wouldn’t work with stubborn milk-hating kids, but mangoes always would. We would happily drink a glass of thick mango shake in the morning and evening. Thanks to mangoes, milk temporarily became our friend. 

6. Excitedly watching our grandmothers make aam ka aachar.

We can’t live without our spicy mango pickle - it makes everything better! We loved watching our grandmothers slice up raw mangoes and preserve them in a bed of spices for the next few months. We would stare at those bottles of pickle kept in the sun, waiting for it to do its magic until we finally had our achaar. As a bonus, sometimes dadi or nani would give us a piece of kaccha aam with black salt or mirchi - a lip-smacking treat!

7. Hating it when someone said, “No More Mangoes!”

No three words were dreaded more than these in mango season. Once we started, we hated stopping! Because we can never have enough of mangoes. 

Don’t let anyone say “no more mangoes” - not your budget, not even the season. Enjoy delicious mangoes all year with our DESi POPZ mango candy, available in kaccha aam and real aam flavours. It's full of the goodness of your favourite mango and no preservatives, added colour, or sugar. Get tasting!

GO DESi Kaccha Aam and Real Aam


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How are GO DESi products prepared?

We source/manufacture all our products from Micro Units based in Rural India. We work with Farmer cooperatives and Self Help Groups to bring classic Indian recipes and snacks for our consumers. All of the GO DESi products are “As is” i.e. made in the traditional manner by locals with tremendous knowledge about indigenous ingredients, flavors and ingredients giving GO DESi an unparalleled authenticity. 

How does GO DESi ensure quality parameters at the Micro Units?

GO DESi not only undertakes the effort to find the lost recipes in the farmlands and rural kitchens but also standardizes these units and their products, paving a way for them to reach the urban markets.

We identify the Micro unit(s) and inspected them for quality & hygiene standards. Once on-boarded, these micro units are standardized as per GO DESi standards to make sure they meet all the statutory requirements and quality parameters. A quality controller at unit monitors the workers and the manufacturing process on a daily basis and ensures that only the best of products go out in the market.

Are GO DESi’s products suitable for kids?

Kids love our products.

All GO DESi products are made with 100% natural ingredients. None of our products contain any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, making our products a perfect snack for all age groups alike.

How are GO DESi products different from other snacks available in the market?

We at GO DESi, live by the principle of Eat good, Do Good.

All GO DESi products are made from natural ingredients, are minimally processed, are preservative free, and have no added flavors or colors. Since our products are manufactured as close to the farm as possible, it helps preserve the authentic local flavors & formats tastes of the products.

While we strive to bring the authentic regional recipes from all over India, we ensure that a minimum of 30% of the final price that you pay goes back to the micro enterprise. This not only, increases the share of marginal farmers in the food value chain but also helps in creation of jobs and sustainable economic centers in rural areas.

Are GO DESi products vegetarian?

Yes. All our products are 100% vegetarian and are vegan-friendly as well.

Rs.20 Packs:

Except for Imli pop & Ginger Kashaya, the other products are shipped in handy packs of Rs. 20 each. These packs are small enough to carry in your handbag or pocket.