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7 Healthy Evening Tea Time Snacks You Can Enjoy with Your Family

Do you know eating healthy evening tea snack can help you lose weight? 
Confused? Read to know more how you can do so.

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Do you know eating healthy evening tea snack can help you lose weight? 


Since nowadays everyone is trying to get fit & healthy, experts have started to recommend eating healthy snacks. The reason is simple that teatime snacks can decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at a given mealtime. You must have heard the famous phrase, “have breakfast like a king, lunch like prince & dinner like a pauper” but what they have skipped out is the snacks.

To make your lives easy & tasty, we came up with some loved teatime snacks, loved flavors and made them into a healthy snack. The reason was to provide our people with tasty, delicious, finger-licking evening tea snacks that are healthy at the same time.

Let’s take a look at 7 best tea time snacks which you can munch with your family:

1. GO DESI Chakh Na

Combo pack made relishing & cracking. We decided to take snacking time up a notch a level and created a combo pack. This evening tea snack combo chakh-na pack consists of Roasted bajra in DESi masala, soynut in DESi masala & Bajra in Tangy Tomato flavor. You can just pick your taste according to your mood and munch on these. It is a great gift to give someone who believes in healthy snacking too.

GO DESi Chakh-na

2. Roasted Poha Chivda

Roasted Poha Chivda makes a perfect teatime snack as it is roasted with few spices & nuts. It can be stored in containers and used again. You can add this teatime snack in your diet plan to full your stomach with healthy & nutritious food. Roasted poha chivda is a healthy evening tea snack. Serve this as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee with your family or friends and just munch on these with a good conversation.

Roasted Chivda large

3. Roasted Soynut Desi Masala

A perfect mixture of Indian spices including turmeric, chilli, pepper, and coriander in apt portions makes up a perfect teatime snack. Roasted Soutnut Desi Masala snack is roasted soybean which is definitely not fried. Soybean is one of the best vegetarian sources of protein which when mixed with Indian spices will turn out to be an apt evening teatime snack. GO DESi’s Roasted Soynut Desi Masala is made with authentic spices to make your teatime snacking fun & tasty.

Roasted Soynut Desi Masala

4. Chana Jor

One of the most common teatime snack that is consumed in Indian households in Chana jor. It is basically chickpeas, which are roasted & spiced. The chickpeas are soaked, dried, fried & then eventually flattened into mini discs. After the chickpeas are flattened, the freshly chopped vegetables are added along with Indian spices to give Chana Jor taste & flavor. It’s super light & delicious and can serve as a perfect food for evening tea snacks. 

Chana JorImage Source

5. Roasted Bajra in Chatpata Desi

Bajra is one of the food items that are rich in fiber that can make you full for a longer period of time. And when this Bajra is mixed with pure Indian spices making it completely Chatpata Desi snack, it is very hard to resist. Since, it is light, super healthy & roasted snacks, it becomes easy for one to add this teatime snack in their diet. GO DESi’s Roasted Bajra in Chatpata Desi is a perfect evening tea snack for you & your family. 

Roasted Bajra in Chatpata Desi

6. Oats & Palak Dhokla

Whether it's breakfast or evening tea snack, Oats & Palak Dhokla can serve both the purposes. It’s basically a recipe, which goes through the process of fermentation, decreases fat deposition in the body and helps in stimulating our metabolism. This healthy teatime snack can be really delicious as well as tummy-filling which may also help in reducing weight.

Oats & Palak DhoklaImage Source

7. Roasted Bajra Tangy Tomato

GO DESi’s Roasted Bajra Tangy Tomato is a mixture of Khatta Meetha Tomato into Bajra. After the two are roasted, the final product that you have is sweet, sour & spicy Tangy Tomato teatime snack. It is 100% authentic & made with Indian spices keeping today’s hygiene in mind. Bajra is rich in fiber that would make your tummy full for a longer period & tangy tomato is a taste you can’t stop relishing to. Thus, serving your evening tea snacks tangy & tasty.

Roasted Bajra Tangy Tomato
The above-mentioned are 7 healthy evening tea snacks, which should be included in your diet from today. It’s important to start a diet with apt food & snacks because that’s how the body gets used to it. GO DESi is a brand that truly believes in giving out to the people and doing for the people who make these products with so much love. So try these teatime snacks out and make your day & life healthy & tasty.