GO DESi Jackfruit Bar

Land of Giants

DESi Jackfruit bars

It’s almost impossible not to be in awe at the spectacle nature unfolds before our very eyes. We have been blessed indeed with a stretch of land that truly encompasses countless natural wonders and as part of this mythical subcontinent, the south of the country seems a magical realm in itself.  Especially to the eyes of a northern bred kid:)

Being used to drier desert-like landscapes, the Indian South filled me with wonder at the sight of so much green opulence. I was a schoolboy when dad took me on my first trip down south and the whole experience blew me away: so many new flavours, mind-blowing scents and trees and plants I had only heard stories about.

I had seen jackfruits before of course but never hanging from trees like giant misshaped popsicles. And surprisingly, the trees didn’t seem to bend down under the massive load of the huge fruits. I had a feeling that reminded me of the story of poor boy Jack who climbed the beanstalk grown from the magical seeds he received in exchange for his cow and reached a land of giants and mythical riches. I realized I was in a land of giants myself, giant trees bearing the largest versatile fruit in the world.

Many years later, after starting the GO DESi journey, I came across a delightful healthy tasty snack – jackfruit bars – which reminded me of my first trip to the Southern India. So why not share the ‘phantastic’ jackfruit with the world and revive other stories that need to be remembered and retold?

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