Winter Recipes

9 DESi Winter Recipes Every 90s Kid Will Love

Brrrrr, it’s getting chilly, isn’t it? Now that winter is setting in many parts of the country, it’s time to bring out the big blankets, cozy jackets, and best of all...the amazing winter recipes in DESi kitchens! If you grew up in the 90s, you definitely know what it’s like to have your grandmother make these amazing winter recipes. Here are some winter dishes that will warm your heart and soul:

1. Gajar ka Halwa

If the mango is the king of the summer, the carrot is the king of winter! All because of one genius winter recipe known as gajar ka halwa. This winter dish is made with grated carrots, warm milk, lots and lots of ghee, sugar or jaggery, and your favourite dry fruits. 90s kids can never forget the smell of the first time gajar ka halwa is made at home. Even thinking about this makes our mouths water!

Gajar ka Halwa
Source: Wikimedia

2. Makki ki Roti with Sarson da Saag

This winter recipe is a Punjabi classic. Makki (corn) roti tastes absolutely amazing with rich earthy saag made with sarson or mustard leaves. With a little bit of jaggery or gud on the side, nothing could be better! Eating this winter dish was a special treat for the whole family.

Source: Wikimedia

3. Gond ka Laddoo

Laddoos are one of the best Indian desserts, but gond ka laddoo is a health-packed favourite. This winter recipe is made with edible gum (hence, the word “gond”) as well as ghee and dry fruits. Packed with healthy ingredients, this winter dish keeps you warm from the inside no matter how cold it is outside.


Gond ka Laddoo
Source: Wikimedia

4. Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato

Every 90s kid remembers their favourite sweet potato winter recipe - whether it’s shakarkandi chaat, boiled sweet potato halwa, or the amazing smoky sweet potato roasted in the traditional chulah at your grandparents’ house. The sweet potato is packed with nutrition and tastes amazing, no matter what winter dish you put it in.

Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato
Source: Pixabay

5. Badam Halwa

Dry fruits are hands down one of the best parts of winter. Sitting in the sun with family, peeling almond or pista shells and gobbling them all up is such a 90s kids memory! We have many winter recipes made with dry fruits but almond halwa is everyone’s favourite. Tons of ghee and a dash of saffron make this winter recipe the perfect post-dinner dish.

Badam Halwa

6. Fresh Barbequed Paneer/Chicken Tikka

Okay, yes. You can have BBQ paneer (or chicken for the non-vegetarians) tikka any time, especially in the age of restaurants like Barbeque Nation. BUT nothing beats standing around a bonfire or tandoor to freshly make paneer or chicken tikka, making it the perfect winter dish. Packed with flavour, you know you love it!

Fresh Barbequed Paneer/Chicken Tikka

7. Panjiri

Panjiri is such a deceptive winter dish. It looks so simple but tastes soooooo good. This is a finely ground mixture of wheat, ghee (everything in winter has ghee, no?), and dry fruits that tastes like home in a bowl. What else can we say?

Source: Whiskaffair

8. Ram Laddoo or Moong Dal Pakoda with Mooli ka Laccha

Slurp slurp. Don’t let the name fool you - it’s a ladoo but it’s not sweet. Moong dal pakodas are yummy, always. But this dish is elevated to another level as ram laddoo when some mooli ka laccha (grated radish salad, if you want to be fancy about it) is thrown into the mix. Piping hot pakodas and radish in super cold temperatures make the perfect winter recipe!

Ram Laddoo or Moong Dal Pakoda with Mooli ka Laccha
Source: Maayeka

9. Sandesh

Last but not the least, West Bengal has a message for you: sandesh. Okay we may get 0 marks for our sense of humor but sandesh is a 10/10 winter dish. Eating sandesh sends a message: winter is here. This winter dish uses jaggery made with date palms, which are only available in the winter so you have to be patient to eat this amazing dish. Giving a whole new meaning to “sabr ka phal meetha hota hai” (the reward of patience is sweet).


Source: Wikimedia

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