Pineapple chaat

5 Super-Amazing DESi Benefits of Pineapple

Spiky and sturdy on the outside, scrumptious from the inside… You know we’re talking about Pineapples! 🍍

Did you know, for a long long time, the pineapple was seen as an exotic fruit rented at parties for display — because it was such a rare and prized possession! And rightly so. Because of its immense superpowers. Pineapple’s got some swag, we tell ya!!!


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Yep! There’s more to this amazing fruit than just its sweet-tangy taste. Pineapples have been used as a part of traditional medicine and herbal preparations since ancient times because of its immense benefits for health. Here are listing 5 of these awesome advantages of this wonder-fruit!

1. Enhances Bone Health, Teeth Health, Eye Health, All Health!

Whaaaaaattttt!!!!! Yep, we’re kidding not. For a healthy body and good system functioning, you need essential vitamins and minerals, right? Like <deep inhale> Vitamin A, B, C, E, K, manganese, zinc, copper, folate (iron), calcium, phosphorus, potassium… <deep exhale>. And guess what? Our humble pineapple has all of these. Eating pineapple strengthens your bones, is great for teeth and gums, and also takes care of your eyes. Super-fruit, we tell you!

2. Super Immunity-booster!

Pineapple is loaded with almost all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants (especially Vitamin C, phenolics, and flavonoids). Which is why this one fruit effectively shields you from infections, heals the body, and ensures proper functioning of all vital organs too. And when the body is healthy, immunity is strong, no disease can touch you. Oh! And eating pineapple also prevents cancer. Talk of versatility!

3. Helps Lose Weight

If you’re looking to lose body fat, eating pineapple may be the power booster in your journey. Pineapples are laced with double attack powers. They help to decrease fat formation, and at the same time, even increase fat breakdown in the body. And, if that’s not all, eating pineapple also slows down cell damage. So, if you’re looking to lose some weight and look great, pineapple is your mate.

4. Treats Cough & Cold


Eat pineapple-oooo! Yep, that’s your remedy. Have a cough? Cold? Bad throat? Eat Pineapples. They have anti-inflammatory enzymes (bromelain) and are high on Vitamin C that can fight all types of infections, kill bacteria, and also prevent cold and cough altogether. So much better than those syrups, we tell you!



4. Anti-aging and Anti-Inflammatory

Bromelain is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and heals the skin. Do you know this enzyme is present in most of the over-the-counter skin creams? But, why consume it as pills, when there’s a tasty way out? Yep! Pineapples! Having an abundance of this enzyme, pineapples are also anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-aging! It also reduces soreness in muscles, removes dead skin cells, treats burns, and decreases swelling. Phew! So much for a fruit…

And with that many benefits, pineapples are rightly classified as one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. We got our bets on pineapple! To pizza or not to pizza, is debatable though! 😅

Its juicy, tropical flavor, with sweet and tart notes — is just the perfect go-to option on a rough day. No wonder SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea! Who wouldn’t want these many advantages all the time!



And there are 101 ways in which you can eat pineapple. But, first… you need to — buy the pineapple from the local fruit vendor, wash it, clean it, peel it, slice it, chop it, and then savor it.

Or… we got an easier, tastier option!

Introducing the latest addition to our delicious DESi Chaat family: The Tangy Pineapple!

DESi Chaat - Tangy Pineapple🍍- Fresh pineapple slices sourced straight from Western-ghats with a hint of jaggery & salt- a combination that will blow your mind.  

DESi Chaat - Tangy Pineapple

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