GO DESi 5 Herbs Pop - Sugar free Chyawanprash on a stick

Immunity Magic with Go DESi’s Sugar Free Chyawanprash (on-a-stick!)

Ayurveda is filled with long-lost treasures about food, medicines, and general lifestyle. Emerging
from it is one of the most popular recipes — Chyawanprash.

Chyawanprash is derived from the words Chyawan meaning “degenerative change” and Prash
meaning “food tonic”. So, essentially, Chyawanprash is a tonic for any degenerative ailments.

Its ancient formulation with ingredients like gooseberry (amla), ghee, soonth, and other herbal
spices makes chyawanprash an excellent immunity booster. Health is wealth, and we can’t
stress that enough, especially in times like this where immunity is of utmost importance.

GO DESi 5 Herbs Pop - Sugar free Chyawanprash on a stick

And that’s where chyawanprash comes to our rescue. It has all the necessary herbs and spices that can aid our system and build immunity. Along with that, it has several other health benefits including:

1.Boosts metabolism, keeps away cold, promotes healthy hair, and…

So much more!!! Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a superfood. And as one of the major
components in chyawanprash, amla provides your daily dose of Vitamin C and its benefits.

2.Powerful antioxidant & Reduces stress

Another ingredient of Chyawanprash, Brahmi leaves, is a stress reducer. It also lowers blood
pressure, and is rich in antioxidants. So much for one spoon of health!

3.Fights Insomnia & Mental disorders

Because of Ashwagandha as another component, Chyawanprash also takes care of your sleep
disorders as well as strengthens the mind. It is also good for fertility in men.

4.Reduces the risk of Diabetes & Cancer

Packed with diuretic properties and antioxidants, chyawanprash also helps to manage diabetes,
blood pressure, and even, cancer. It is also good for liver and heart health.

5.For glowing skin & Speed up wound healing

Chyawanprash also helps to repair and tone your skin to give you a charming look. It also has
magical properties of speeding up your wound healing, boosts alertness, and fights infections as

And that’s not all.

Chyawanprash is a magic paste made with Ayurveda’s best herbs. This concoction is filled with
the richness of India’s great ayurvedic traditions. But, we do understand that it’s not always
possible to have chyawanprash, especially to take it out of a dibba and find a spoon to eat it,
and avoid making a sticky mess.

Which is why, we, at GoDESi, bring to you our newest addition to the Popz family— GO DESi 5 Herbs Pop - Sugar free Chyawanprash on a stick. Packed with 5 powerful and healthy herbs your Dadi always added in her recipes, our
Chyawanprash Popz includes:

  • ●Amla for a powerful dose of Vitamin C for your body
  • ●Ginger (Shoonti) to recover from common cold and flu
  • ●Ashwagandha to fight stress and anxiety from work
  • ●Indian hog plum (Haritaki) to strengthen your digestive system
  • ●Liquorice (Yashtimadhu) to strengthen the immunity of your liver

GO DESi 5 Herbs Pop - Sugar free Chyawanprash on a stick
We care for you and your immunity — which is why we made it easy for you to have
chyawanprash with our own DESi twist to it, while also retaining its same authentic taste and

Prepared in local, rural kitchens of India, we never compromise while picking the finest quality
ingredients for our products. Our Chyawanprash Herbz Popz is also sugar-free and
preservative-free. Carry these Popz in your bag. Anywhere you go. And enjoy anytime you
want. And of course, it’s compact and comes without the sticky mess.

Follow this link to order your health and boost immunity with GO DESi 5 Herbs Pop - Sugar free Chyawanprash on a stick!