Happy Diwali 2020 7 Childhood memories that will make you nostalgic!

Happy Diwali 2020: 7 Childhood memories that will make you nostalgic!

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Diwali for many of us, is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. While the customs and rites vary across the length and breadth of the country, and some have changed with time, the magic and joy associated with the festival have remained unchanged. Here are 7 memories from the Diwali of our childhood:

1. Diwali Shopping:

The sheer joy and excitement of wandering through cramped streets clutching Papa’s hand is priceless. Every now and then, we would be so captivated by the beautiful decoration and lights that we would stop just to stare. From diyas to firecrackers to mithaai to clothes, shopping for Diwali was a month long affair. A month of pure thrill and jubilation.

Diwali shopping

Source: IndiaTV

2. Prepping the house:

This seemed like a daunting task indeed. Stakes were very high with this one. From creating Rangoli masterpieces with Ma to putting up the lights with Papa, these bitter-sweet moments are the ones we cherish most about Diwali.
And when all of the diyas had been lit and lights hung, we truly felt like we were in heaven, surrounded by millions of twinkling stars. Talking of heaven, Dadi’s out-of-the-world Diwali mithaai just added to the magic.

Diwali ki Safai

Source: Blogger

3. Mithaai:

If Diwali had an aroma, it would probably smell like roasting Besan and sugar syrup and barfis and kaju katlis. Helping out in the kitchen certainly had its privileges like an extra sweet or two.
It's amazing how some of earliest memories of Diwali revolve around food, like sitting cross legged, next to your grandmother while she made sweets. We bet some of the best tasting laddoos were tiny, crumbling and fist-shaped ones!

4. People-Lots of people:

Diwali certainly called for a celebration like no other. A celebration that involved lots of food, laughter, fun and people of course. It was the time of the year that was reserved for meeting family and friends- a gazillion of them. To be honest, it was these loud voices and shouts of joy and hordes of people that made this festival truly special.
What wouldn’t we give to be surrounded by our loved ones once again!

5. Dressing up:

Diwali was when we went all out with our fashion choices. The excitement of going shopping and finding the perfect outfit was incomparable. We’d look at magazine after magazine for the perfect design. This was followed by a trip to the tailor with magazine cut-outs and a head full of ideas of what the outfit would look like. Remember the day when Ma would finally collect the outfit from the tailor? Oh the thrill, the sheer delight!!!

Diwali dressing up

Source: FreePress

6. Fire-crackers:

Now we definitely know better, but as kids, the fire-crackers were something we all looked forward to. The elegant Phul Jhadi/ Sparklers, the spinning Chakri, the exciting Anar, the unpredictable Rocket and the loud Ladhis - all came out during Diwali Night. Red, blue, green and gold against the inky-black sky. As for the more environmentally conscious of us, the paper pataka was our go to.

7. Diwali Vacation:

10 days of doing absolutely no school work. 10 days of nothing but pure joy. Plans for vacation featured waking up late, playing with friends till late and catching up with all the TV shows you missed. And while you never forgot to check for show timings and latest movie premiers in the Newspaper, most of your time went in doing chores and helping around the house. How do we know? We went through that too, man....

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