7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved

90s childhoods were magical. We had the best of everything -  books, comics, TV shows, video games and toys! 90s kids toys were in a class of their own. Traditional toys or modern ones, we didn’t care! That’s what made us unique. Which 90s toys did you play with the most?

1. Lego

Every child remembers the colourful little lego blocks. This 90s toy taught us to dream big and build things! With lego, creating anything was possible, from skyscrapers and miniature cities to our favourite Star Wars characters.

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved  - Lego

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2. Hotwheels

Speaking of building things, this 90s kids toy was legendary. Honestly, Hotwheels is unparalleled. Building massive Hotwheels car tracks and then racing our tiny toy cars with our friends was one of our favourite things to do!

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved - Hotwheels

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3. Paper crafts

While we loved our fancy 90s kids toys, our earliest toys were made by us, out of paper. No circular or worksheet given in school made it home. It was quickly flying around in a paper plane competition, or swimming away in puddle as a paper boat. These 90s toys were so synonymous with our childhood that even Jagjit Singh had to sing about woh kagaz ki kashti...woh baarish ka paani!

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5. Yo-Yo

Long before “yo” became our cool greeting, there was the yo-yo. This 90s toy made us feel totally gangsta! Learning to do tricks with our yo-yos kept us occupied for hours on end. And that kid who could spin two yo-yos together was considered a boss.

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved - YO-YO

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6. Walkie-Talkie

Aha! Before we became addicted to our mobile phones, walkie-talkies were our favourite mode of communication. This 90s kids toy made all of us feel like spies and secret agents. Who knows, maybe that’s how our collective love affair with thrillers started!

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved - Walkie-Talkie

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7. Tippy Tippy Tappy

Tippy tippy tappy, which colour do you want? If you read that in a sing-songy voice, you’re a true 90s kid. This iconic 90s toy was a classroom favourite. Whenever we were bored, making and playing with tippy tippy tappies kept us entertained.

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8. Action figures

Whether they were G.I Joe or superheroes, we loved our action figure collection. We could spend hours making up stories and battling our favourite action figures against each other.

7 Iconic 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Loved - Action figures

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Did your childhood memories of 90s toys put a smile on your face? They sure did on ours. We totally encourage you to introduce the kids in your life (including the little kid inside you!) to these awesome toys and show them what a great childhood looks like. And to relive the full flavour of your 90s childhood, check out GODESi’s sweet and tangy DESi Popz candies in real fruit flavours. Get snacking!