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Shop for Rs.500 and get DESi Meetha worth Rs.50 free
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A Mosaic Of Memories: Art & Craft in School

The fine art of shaping clay and quilling - GO DESi

Okay. So, who has made this drawing in their school art class?

Art & Craft in School - GO DESi

Source: Pinterest

Hahaha! We know… This (right above) was our first introduction to the world of art, painting, and craft. Paper planes were the first origami we ever learned. From filling the letters A, B, D, etc. in our books, to decorating the class board or struggling to make that damn fruit basket… Playing with colors, painting with fingers, cutting, pasting, drawing — art classes were always fun (sometimes scary because of not doing the homework). But, they had a super special place in our hearts with loads of memories.
Started to think about your school days already? Here’s revisiting your school art room and tapping into the nostalgia of school times. Read on…🙂

1. The *fine* art of shaping clay and quilling!

For those of us who were really into art and craft (the once in a blue moon people), the art of modeling play doh and quilling paper was one talent we were proud of and showed off like anything! And they indeed looked so beautiful.For those of us who were really into art and craft (the once in a blue moon people), the art of modeling play doh and quilling paper was one talent we were proud of and showed off like anything! And they indeed looked so beautiful.

The fine art of shaping clay and quilling - GO DESi

2. Books to practice shading and drawing!

Raise your hand if you too had those “Art Made Easy: Part 1 2 3 4...” books at your home for practicing shading, still life, eyes, nose, mouth. And how could we not? We didn’t have the internet back then. These books provided us ideas (and probably told us how we can never get that perfect eye shape.)

3. Making a Family Tree at 10 pm! 😅

We’ve had those days, fam. Remember forgetting the craft work completely for the week? And then, you suddenly remembered to make that family tree cutout with green and brown craft paper at 9:30 pm to be submitted the next day… Sprinkled with dad’s sprint running to get the material and mum’s scolding for the rest of the night and week ahead!

4. The dreaded summer vacation homework! 😣

The worst part! Who even gives art homework? We had to do 10 still life, 5 eye shapes, 3 cards, 1 paper craft, and whatnot? Why even give holidays when you have to load us with double the work? Huh..! And don’t even get us started on those holiday art classes!

The dreaded summer vacation homework

5. Drawing and Collage competitions!

The only 2 reasons we participated in them were: (1) Our best friend was participating, or (2) Participants did not have to attend classes for the day! A certificate was a bonus, but who cared? Art was an escape, indeed 😉

6. A lot of paper, and a lot of glue (and mum’s stares)

Newspapers ✅ Glue ✅ Water ✅ Brushes ✅
Let’s make Papier Mâché. We have made penguins, lions, grapes… Well, not made exactly, but tried to make. And if not anything, an amazing ball to play cricket with!

A lot of paper, and a lot of glue - GO DESi

7. Hand-made cards were a huge thing back then!

Remember taking out all your craft supplies, sketch pens, colors, scissors, glue… and sitting for hours to make the fanciest Teacher’s Day, Friendship’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday cards! And the thrill of gifting them to our loved ones. Nothing can match that feeling...

8. M.A.D. and Art Attack were our Art Gurus!

We all are guilty of watching those shows, trying out their easy-peasy crafts (best with the waste), which eventually ended as a disaster, and a day’s of cleaning and a week’s of mum’s regular 😤 - paise ped pe ugte hai na, sara fevicol khatam kar diya...

9. And finally... An art piece we were really proud of… 😌

Ever made one of those prized, oh-so-perfect paintings that you felt like framing forever? We all have had those rare moments when we thought we could make it in life as an artist… Just because we made that perfect mango shape!

Making craft with pencil sharpening, splashing paints on paper, blow painting, doodling during that boring class, decorating our hand made projects… We’ve done it all. We lived in a pre-computer, pre-internet era — where things were so much simpler and so much more fun. But now, in this iPad era, we’ve forgotten what it meant to actually paint with brushes and hands.

So… bring out your old paint boxes, brushes, sponges. Get creative. Get painting. And relive your memories. Compliment them with our very own DESi Popz Candy!



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