The Best Gift Basket for a Foodie

The Best Gift Basket for a Foodie

Looking for gift suggestions for a foodie? Well, if your someone loves food, he would be delighted to have this gift basket full of Indian traditional readymade snacks. This has a mix of sweet, salty & spicy snack which will take him to the memory lane.

In addition to the nutritional value, this will also connect him to the Indian roots.

GoDESi Gift Basket

GoDESi gift basket includes

  • 20 Imlipops
  • 2 packs of lemon chaat
  • 2 packs of amla bites
  • 1 pack of banana bites
  • 1 pack of jackfruit bar
  • + 1 handmade artisanal basket — an add-on to gift & surprise.

Imlipop is an age-old traditional spicy sour treat made with fresh tamarind, jaggery, chilli and curry leaves. A perfect mixture of sweet, sour and spice. One packet of Imlipop weighs only 9 g and carries 39.7 KCal. 

Imlipop - Go DESi

Lemon Chaat is tiny bits of dried lemon peel mixed with Indian spices to give it the perfect chatpata taste. The best travel snack that will cure your motion sickness. One packet of Lemon Chaat carries 34.6 KCal and weighs only 18 g.

Lemon Chaat Go Desi

Amla Bites are pocket-friendly dried pickles to carry while you travel. This one is rich-full in vitamin C and your foodie friend will thank you enough to add this to his diet. The amla is sourced from western ghats and dried under Malnad Sun. One pack of Amla Bites carries 127.4 KCal and weighs only 25 g.

Amla Bites Go DESi


Banana Bites a perfect pre-workout snack. This is made with dried elaichi banana sourced from the pristine Western Ghats. Banana Bites are high in carbs and natural energy booster. If your friend is a foodie and a fitness freak as well, he would be delighted to see this. One pack of Banana Bites carries 125 KCal and weighs only 35g.

Banana Bites Go DESi

Jackfruit Bars a fulfilling mid-day snack without any additional sweetener. This one is made with Jackfruit sourced from magical Malnad forests, hand pulped and dried in a brick fire oven to give the perfect smoky flavor. One pack of Jackfruit Bar carries 92.7 KCal and weighs only 25g.

Jackfruit Bar Go DESi

At GoDESi, we believe in “Eating Good, Doing Good”. Our products have no added preservatives, no added colors, no added sweeteners. We source/manufacture all products from small enterprises based in rural areas. Also, when you gift this basket, a minimum of 30% of the price value goes back to the micro-entrepreneurs.

Gifting is a noble cause and for your noble thought, use code “BESTGIFTBASKET” and get 10% off on our website.