Nostalgia through the monsoon

Nostalgia through the monsoon

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Monsoon is almost here and with monsoon comes the earthy smell of rain, the greenery all around, holidays and of course the food we eat! Pakodas & Chai are already on my mind. Even today after so many years of crossing childhood, the monsoon season never misses to hit you with nostalgia. There have been many movies that have been made around this season because, for some reason, we Indians love the monsoon season!

 I remember last year, I was home for my vacations and I broke my ankle while hopping on the stairs. Except for the fact that I was in severe pain, I had a blast in those two months of my hairline fracture! My cousins greeted me every now & then and we’d sit up all night and discuss how fun monsoon was when we were in school. Unplanned holidays are always a reason to love a season right? Trust me - I gained weight. But I also enjoyed the way I was pampered by my family and later laughed at the fact that I didn’t know how to walk.

The one thing I miss the most about monsoon is the way our mothers used to serve us hot & delicious snacks to enjoy the weather, when there was no need for all the fuss. But I told you, Indians love monsoons. No matter how much we live a healthy life or try to be sophisticated, once it starts pouring, we want onion & besan to be fried in the hot oil and to serve our taste buds well. It’s amazing to remember all of this because when you start living on your own, you kind of miss out on all of it because there is no one who cares about what you want when it’s raining. So have you wondered about the food which tastes exactly like the one you ate at home during rains? Maybe you have and not found the right one but I’ve got the best product for you in the market that takes you back home.


GODESi is a brand that brings to you some of the finest handmade, traditional food items that are perfect for monsoon season especially when you have a family gathering of cousins or relatives around discussing on how much you all miss being a child & getting all drenched in the rain. Since rural people are very particular about their spices & traditions about making a food item & they make our products too, we have made sure that the products stick to their roots & only natural traditional spices are used to make them. Just like the ones that take you back into your childhood. Try our Imli Pop, Lemon Chaat, or Chakhna for healthy munching.  You cannot miss these out especially during monsoon season. Grab your packet or packets now and keep them locked up for those late night sessions!