Impact of GO DESi Foods Pvt Ltd

Impact of GO DESi

GO DESi was a started with a vision of creating a sustainable economic center for the people living in rural areas. The numbers are in and we take a look at how much impact we've created this year. 

Impact of a business is a way to predict the consequences of disruptions to a business and its processes and systems by collecting relevant data, which can be further used to develop strategies for the growth of the business. In a nutshell, how a business affects or influences a group of people with its values, mission or vision and how much revenue it generates is what is termed as Impact.

GO DESi was a started with a vision of creating a sustainable economic center for the people living in rural areas especially women who wish to earn their own living by doing work rather than depending upon someone else for their food. On the reports we have gathered we have some delightful statistics to share

  • 95% of the total workforce that GODESi has are women
  • The employment is completely local or rural area based (the ones who need the job)
  • The raw materials used to manufacture the food items are purchased directly from the farmers and they are paid accordingly
  • The maximum distance the labor or workforce has to travel is 0.5km which was 2km initially
  • The average income per month has increased from Rs 3100 to Rs 6000.

The workforce of GODESi is truly dedicated & passionate to make the food products right, apt & full of taste for you so that you never forget your roots. As mentioned in the previous article, every food item that is made is made with traditional recipes, masalas & raw materials. The women who have started to earn their livelihood with GODESi are keen on working till the time they can and have shown their utter desire for the brand to grow. Now, every woman is able to contribute to her family’s livelihood and is already dreaming to send their children to school. 

GODESi has not only impacted the lives of the workforce but also of the customers who have been dealing with us and have shown their great happiness with the product quality & taste. We believe in providing you with the taste you want that gives you a hint of nostalgia with a lot of smiles on your faces. 

We are really trying hard to provide employment to as many people as we can. Every purchase from us helps them in one way or other. It provides you with numerous explosions of tastes & helps a woman buy food for her family. Make a difference while you can!