Impact of GO DESi Foods Pvt Ltd

Impact of GO DESi

GO DESi was a started with a vision of creating a sustainable economic center for the people living in rural areas. The numbers are in and we take a look at how much impact we've created this year. 
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About GO DESi

What our customers have to say about us?

GO DESi is an initiative started by a group of people who personally believe that there is nothing in the world better than home made food. The products, which we sell online, are completely and 10...
The Exotic fruit has healing powers

The Exotic fruit has healing powers

Scientifically known as Artocarpusheterophyllus, jackfruit may have an unusual name and appearance, but it is an incredibly nutritious tropical fruit that has it’s fair share of popularity I the na...
Bitter is Better

Bitter is Better

Lemon is a fruit that is known for having flavonoids which are composites having anti-oxidant & cancer-fighting properties. The citrus fruit has so many benefits for human being starting f...
Crafted with Love and Care - GO DESi

Crafted with Love and Care

          We’re living in a society where things especially food products are in a huge quantity as per the requirement and consumption. With our lives being faster and always busy in work, usual...
Go Desi Imli Pop

Go Desi with Imli Pop

              Tamarindus indica or popularly known as Imli is a tree native to tropical regions of Africa but it’s farming has been spread out across the world. It’s known for its unique flavor an...