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Tamarindus indica or popularly known as Imli is a tree native to tropical regions of Africa but it’s farming has been spread out across the world. It’s known for its unique flavor and nutritional value. Taste like tangy, tamarind is one of the favorite and comfort food that adults indulge in. It can be found in various ways from eating it straight from the pods to sucking on the seed to enjoy it as a pick or candy like Imli Pop.The advantage of this super delicious and comfort food is the fact that it’s products like Imli pop which is a candy is home-made and has the ability to take you back into your childhood days.

We have listed down some of benefits:

  • Digestion:As we all know that Tamarind helps in digestion as it possesses a certain amount of fiber which stimulates peristaltic motion and increases the secretion of the gastric juices in the body. The gastric juices are responsible for easing down the process of digestion and avoiding problems like constipation. You can start by eating Imli pop twice a day which will help you with your digestion.
  • Weight loss aid: Everyone is out there looking for easy methods to reduce their weight. What better than a candy like Imli pop for easy and quick weight loss. The Hydroxycitric acid present in Tamarind avoids body to store fat and also helps in suppressing the appetite by increasing serotonin neurotransmitter.
  • Organic- Imli pop is one of the finest tamarind candy that you could find in the market. It is made with the finest tamarind, jaggery and Indian spices to match the taste buds of the people.
  • Reduced inflammation: Inflammation is a serious issue that people face nowadays and eating Imli pop twice a day can help in reducing it as it has high levels of tartaric acid which is a strong anti-oxidant that makes short work of free radicals. The essential oil of tamarind is also linked to anti-inflammatory capabilities. It also reduces eye irritation known as pink eye.
  • Manages diabetes: Tamarind has proven it’s worth by managing diabetes for millions of people. It inhibits the enzyme alpha-amylase which basically stops carbs from being absorbed in the body. High level of carbs results in the increment of glucose and insulin which is a threat to people who suffer from diabetes. Taking Imli pop after meals can help in managing the balance of diabetes.

There are various other reasons other than the ones mentioned above why tamarind is good for your health and why it should be consumed to stay healthy and fit. Tamarind is rich in nutrients which has many anti-oxidants essential for a human body. So what are you waiting for? Add Imli pop to your diet now to take advantage of the super tangy but delicious candy after meals.