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Crafted with Love and Care

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We’re living in a society where things especially food products are in a huge quantity as per the requirement and consumption. With our lives being faster and always busy in work, usually ends up in just grabbing a snack which is easy to eat and carry. This easily accessible food product at a greater price than we can think; our health. Most of the food products we indulge in are processed and contains salts, carbohydrates, and fats which tends to harm your healthy living body.

Amidst in the world of junk and processed food, we at GO DESi have a complete range of home-made products. These food products are made in the rural area by the villagers who in a way found their source of earning. Our initiative is all about to bring back the homemade products with the taste of same old authentic, traditional delicacies which you might not be able to find in the processed food. We have a great range of products like Imli Pop, Amla Bites, Chakh-Na , Ginger Kashaya, Banana Bites, Jackfruit bars & Lemon Chaat.

          Imli Pop

If you’re wondering why should you choose us then please read further:

No artificial color, preservatives or flavors added: At GoDesi, which is a complete Desi brand, we assure you that, no artificial color or preservative or flavored are added into the food products to enhance the taste. They are simply local & regional production of the authentic recipes that remind you of your childhood days or home-cooked food. The food production takes almost minimal processing for some of the products which are not harmful to the body.

Environment-Friendly & minimum costing: It may come as a surprise but most of the homemade food is environment-friendly because they need fewer resources and energy to be produced. So, GoDesi also promotes a healthy & safe environment. Eating homemade products can be usually cheaper than eating processed food or going out for dinner/lunch. So it not only saves the environment but helps in not making a dent in your pockets.

Better for the economy: Buying home-made products will not only satisfy your health & body but can also bring a smile to a person’s face who makes it. Hand made products are usually made in the rural areas where the villagers are trained how to make and they are paid for the amount of food they make. So, purchasing homemade products will not make your body healthy but also give employment to the people who really need it. This in return helps in the betterment of the nation’s economy.

Mr Ashok
Mr. Ashok is one our rural entrepreneurs that we support, he has a banana plantation and converts the fruit into Sukkelli (Banana Bites).

Avoid food allergies & sensitivities: Purchasing and eating homemade products is usually helpful for your body as the ingredients used in making are healthy and not harmful to the food. These healthy ingredients make your immune system so strong that it is able to avoid food allergies and sensitivities.

GO DESi is an initiative for a better and healthy lifestyle. People have become so much dependent on the processed food for their munching that they have started to ignore their health. The food products made under GO DESi is 100% pure, delicious and superb quality. Get your packet of GO DESi today and make a person and your body smile.