Bitter is Better

Bitter is Better

Lemon Chaat - Bitter is Better - GO DESi

Lemon is a fruit that is known for having flavonoids which are composites having anti-oxidant & cancer-fighting properties. The citrus fruit has so many benefits for human being starting from healing a sore throat, getting rid of blackheads, weight loss, freshen your, etc. Now how would you feel if you could munch on a snack which is made of lemon and is super organic? Exciting right? GoDesi brings you a range of super tasty Lemon Chaat that would instantly satisfy your taste buds.

Now if you’re wondering what is Lemon Chaat then, imagine a snack which has tiny bits of dried lemon peel mixed with Indian spices to give a snack that perfect savory taste is Lemon Chaat for you. Lemons are the source of Vitamin C which has so many advantages for individuals but eating up a snack which is made completely out of the lemon is out of the box.

Lemon Chaat - Bitter is Better - GO DESi - Bitter is Better

We have listed down some benefits of lemon chaat:

Easy to carry: Some people have a habit of eating something chatpata after they’ve had their meals. In this case, Lemon Chaat serves are perfect after snack. It is mixed with salt, pepper and a hint of chili to give it that savory taste. You can carry it in a small pouch while traveling or anywhere.

No added flavor, color or sugar: GoDesi has started an initiative along with entrepreneurs who have always dreamt of making this world a better & healthy living place. Most of the health diseases are caused due to bad or wrong eating habits and it’s very important to understand that processed food may taste super delicious but costs too much trouble to your body. So whatever food items GoDesi produces just like Lemon Chaat has no added color or sugar or flavor. The original Indian spices are used to make this snack which is a super delicious & easy to carry.

Lemon Chaat - Bitter is Better - GO DESi

Heart Health: Daily lemon intake & walking has been proven to be an effective way to control heart health. You can take lemon in an interesting & easy way rather than squeezing the juice out of the fruit. Simple, Lemon Chaat snack is an interesting way to consume lemon. The authentic traditional recipe never fails to impress the individuals as well as the heart.

Digestive Health is improved: You must be aware of the fact that lemons are made of about 10% of carbs which are in the form of soluble finer & simple sugars. The finer pectin present in lemon is responsible for most of the health benefits. The soluble fiber can help in improving digestive health. You can munch on little of Lemon Chaat snack if you’re not able to eat the lemon pulp. Because the fiber in pulp is important and GoDesi has made sure that the fiber present in the pulp is present in the Lemon Chaat snack.

Natural & hygienic: Instead of munching or binge eating on snacks like chips or chocolates which just results in harming your body, Lemon Chaat snack could replace them easily. Lemon Chaat is a handmade snack made in the kitchens of ruler areas where thousands of women entrepreneurs have come up with a process of making this world a healthy place to live by replacing the processed food snacks with original natural & hygienic snacks.

Lemon Chaat - Bitter is Better - GO DESi - Buy Now

A most interesting quality of Lemon Chaat by GoDesi is that for every packet you purchase, 30% of it goes back to the micro-unit. The brand sources its lemon from the 1st generation of rural entrepreneurs based in the Tattikai Village in Malnad. What are you waiting for go order your Lemon Chaat today!!!