Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About GO DESi

What our customers have to say about us?

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GO DESi is an initiative started by a group of people who personally believe that there is nothing in the world better than home made food. The products, which we sell online, are completely and 100% hand-made by the people of rural areas. We have not only developed a taste for people’s taste-buds but also employment for the unemployed who really wish to earn their living with their hard work rather than depending upon someone else to bring them their food.

 We have made a promise to bring authentic, traditional delicacies, which is made with love and care in small rural kitchens of India. We have successfully come up with products, which will remind you of your roots and take you back into your childhood days.  The products take minimal processing and we manufacture our products from small enterprises, which are based in the rural districts of India. As mentioned, the aim is to not only bring the home made taste back but also creating jobs and livelihood at scale within rural communities.

happy customers

 People who have purchased the products from GO DESi have reverted back with some positive reviews like:


First I thought Imli pop will sour coz of tamarind but to my surprise it was a mixture of sour, sweet & spicy. Also it is nicely packed & quite reasonable.

                                                                                               -Sakshi Pandey


Would love to see more new innovative taste candy coming from same vendor like Ginger, Garlic etc.

                                                                                                - Sandeep Baliga


Ordered Lemon Chaat as soon as I saw this. The delivery was sooner than expected. I thought it was a lemon-based snack, but this was a chunk of lemon dried with various spices. A great travel companion.

                                                                                               - Priyanka sharma


All this ensures that minimum of 30% of the final price that you pay goes back to the micro enterprise. Shot today for the best authentic home made products.