GO DESi - Why is childhood nostalgia important?

Why is childhood nostalgia important?

When anyone asks us about the best part of our life we say “Childhood” without any second thought. The memories, friendships, school trips, the super yummy tamarind lollipops on the way to school, the orange candies, childhood crushes, and the list goes on. We might laugh and cry at the same time and that’s the power of nostalgia and it’s the most essential part of our life. Especially childhood nostalgia will always have an emotional connection with us because as a child, we know only happiness and curiosity towards everything we come across.

As per the recent research, Nostalgia takes us through a whirlwind of emotions and these emotions change our state of mind quickly which eventually changes our perspective towards relationships and life. In those lonely hours when we go down memory lane, we feel a sense of social support and care we have from our family.

The best childhood memory we all have is the summer holidays when we visit our grandparents and they prepare so many raw mango recipes, homemade lollipops with healthy ingredients and they spare the mangoes on trees so that we can have fun plucking them. The sweet mangoes are not just a fruit, but there is a lot of emotional bonding towards it, and the Mango jelly also called Sweet Aam pops made with mango pulp was one of our favorite homemade snacks filled with the softness and sweetness of mango.

On a warm evening when you have the raw mango, the happiness in the first chew of spicy raw mango is just beyond words, it takes us through every bit of our childhood, the desi handmade snacks with natural ingredients, playing hide and seek with a large group of friends, the love and care of grandparents. The most touching memories were when our grandmothers and aunts packed loads of healthy stuff, handmade jaggery ladoos with desi ghee, and dried amla candies to quickly heal from cough and cold with so much love and hope in their eyes to see us again soon. All these memories give us immense contentment and great confidence that we have people on whom we can count on. When we catch up with our old friends now, we laugh out loud reminiscing those innocent childhoods, when we believed plants will grow inside our tummy if we swallow seeds and when we hear the voice on the radio, we assume people were sitting inside the radio. We all are connected immensely with our childhood and it has instilled so much within us and when the nostalgia kicks in, we just go through a virtual tour of all the childhood games, homemade snacks with natural ingredients, and the places which we may not get a chance to visit frequently

Childhood nostalgia also makes us realize how we have grown up over the years, from a naughty kid to a responsible person, a chatterbox to an introvert, the change in our personality and thinking patterns. In this fast-paced life childhood is something which we miss the most. Once in a while, it’s great fun to go back to childhood memories and feel nostalgic. When was the last time you felt nostalgic about spicy mango and amla candies? We hear your feelings and emotions, check out our yummy Mango chat, chatpata amla candies, and a lot more at godesi.in and get nostalgic!!