GO DESi - Why kids need to be introduced to desi candies

Why kids need to be introduced to GO DESi candies?

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Kids of the current generation are so much inclined to junk food, foods which are attractive to the eyes but are very harmful to their health. It is hard to keep them away from the buzz of chocolates but it’s also very important to let the children feel and enjoy the essence and taste of desi candies made of healthy ingredients, The natural sweetness of jaggery, and the tangy taste of amla which brings a dimple on their cute face. For various reasons and lifestyle changes children are losing the fun of the old days, the fun which has ended with the millennials especially having the tamarind lollipops and the yummy orange candies. It is a wise and best option to introduce the taste of the desi candies to children.

Desi candies have a natural and magical taste of sweetness which satisfies the cravings and keeps our children healthy too. The best thing about desi candies is they do not contain any artificial sweeteners and no added food colours; they are as natural and pure as the ‘Home Cooked Food’.

We hear a lot of moms complaining about the immunity and resistance of their kids and they are easily prone to infections, the only way to protect them is to improve their immunity and the good news is Desi candies do it effortlessly. In many discussions about health and immunity, our ancestors emphasize natural ingredients available in the Indian kitchen. The desi products honey, jaggery, ginger which does wonders on the human body.

Few of the recipes with these ingredients have amazing medicinal values and awesome taste. Amla candies made of gooseberry (Amla) and jaggery have high nutritional value, Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C and it is a natural medicine for cold, cough, and respiratory problems, and Jaggery is one of the richest sources of Iron and the best sugar substitute. Kids always restrain themselves from having medicines and amla candies are the best way to handle those tantrums and the best cure for cold and cough making parent’s jobs easy just with candy. The other ingredients of desi candies that have high medicinal values yet are very tasty are honey, the texture of honey often looks like syrup to kids but candies made of honey and the flavour of ginger are easy to consume and children might even ask for more.

Honey is not only the top antioxidant but also boosts energy, it always keeps kids high on energy keeping them super active throughout the day. So the next time when you are worried about your kid's health do a little research about the nutritional value of desi candies and their constituents and include them in their everyday life as they make kids' life more healthy and easy as they improve the immunity and resistance towards infections and in the current pandemic situation we all have learned the importance of immunity.

The superpower of candies is that anything that kids do not like, parents can get creative, little creative in the kitchen, and make super yummy candies. Its high time that we include desi candies in our everyday diet or occasionally as per the requirement and it is even more important to explain the nutritional value of ingredients of desi candies and the amazing benefits of desi candies itself so that children are aware of ancient medicines and cures and pass it to the upcoming generations.

We have done our research on the healthy ingredients of the Indian kitchen and we are here with yummy candies and lollipops at your doorstep. Check out godesi.in and start adding the tangy taste to your day. Do not miss out on the taste of these amazing candies made of honey, tamarind, lemon, and other healthy ingredients which add up so much value to your health and wellbeing.