GO DESi Roasted Soyabean

Why is GO DESi Roasted Soyabean a better option than Whey Protein?

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Our world has progressed to a stage where everyone has started to take care of their body to a level where they know exactly what their bodies require and what harms it. Protein plays a crucial part in building up a body. It helps in creating new enzymes, muscle tissue and hormones. Keeping today’s “gym culture” in mind, people have started intake of Whey Protein, which helps in getting the required amount of protein in the body.

But there are people who still like to stick to the old organic methods of gaining the muscles and that is why GO DESi came up with an idea of introducing Roasted Soyabean grains which are not fried  especially for gym enthusiast who believe in organic food consumption. Soy protein contains B complex vitamin, vitamin E, zinc, iron, phosphorus and potassium, which make it very important for the body especially for vegetarians and vegan diet people.

 Benefits of GO DESi Roasted Soyabean are:


  1. Including Soy protein bars in your daily diet reduces the loss of lean muscle while weight loss and promote healthy muscle growth. You can eat GO DESi Chakh-Na Roasted Soyabean after or before your workouts as it provides with the required quantity of protein by the body and helps in loosing the mass and not the muscles.
  2. Soy protein controls hyperglycemia that in return helps in weight loss in simple organic and natural way. You can eat this roasted soyabean instead of your meal, which makes you feel full, and you’d avoid eating junk food and maintain a low carb diet to control weight and obesity.
  3. Roasted soyabean are made especially organically and made sure that the products used to make the product are authentic and pure. The bars contain amino acids and your body, which is converted into energy later, utilizes these amino acids. If you’re a gym enthusiast, active athlete or a bodybuilder, including a roasted soyabean snack after or before workout will help you boost your energy and perform better.
  4. There have been studies where it is said that soy protein reduces the testosterone levels. When in reality, it doesn’t. Soy is a high protein substance, which is easily found in various foo items and it, doesn’t reduce the levels of testosterone. The results of the study suggested, “Consumption of the soya foods would not result in the adverse effects associated with lower T levels.”
  5. Osteoporosis is a disease caused due to age and hormonal problems. The phytoestrogen content in soy protein can increase the calcium absorption

By the body and help in preventing a disease like osteoporosis.


GO DESi Roasted Soyabean


GO DESi have come up with a solution to make the world better and healthier place where people who are in habit of in taking or consuming protein dietary should turn towards organic food rather than the processed protein powder. The easy simple tasty GO DESi Chakh- Na Roasted Soyabean Hot Garlic which is helpful in filling your tummy as fast a protein powder would do.  Buy today.