7 reason why lemon prevent nausea

7 Reasons Why Lemons Prevent Nausea

Do you know why lemons prevent nausea?

We wanted to know why too. So, we dug deeper and found out 7 reasons why lemons prevent nausea. Here we unveil the big secrets!

Do you ever get light-headed? Like you feel really nauseous and just wanna puke? 

Umm… what if we say Lemon is an awesome weapon that would make your troubles run and avoid the vomit armageddon? (we love rhymes, y’all know that now…) It is the panacea (new word alert!) for all your tummy troubles (causing that dreaded dizziness and nausea).

P.S. - Panacea: “a solution or remedy for all difficulties and diseases”.

Low BP, pregnant lady, or just a sensitive traveller who is all dizzy from the downhill ride… Well, lemon eases motion sickness like a boss. Remember your mum giving you a glass of lemonade or a sour candy to chew and your nausea would just vanish?

We wanted to know why too. So, we dug deeper and found out 7 reasons why lemons prevent nausea. Here we unveil the big secrets!

1. Forms neutralizing acids

A major cause of nausea is the excessive production of acid in the stomach. Lemon juice, though considered acidic, turns alkaline after metabolizing. And Acid + Base = Salt.
Too much science, yeah. But, just know, that lemon balances out your stomach acid and resolves the root cause of nausea - hyperacidity.

7 Reasons Why Lemons Prevent Nausea
Source: Wonderopolis

2. Works as a cleansing agent

Lemon is known for its deep cleansing effect due to the presence of antioxidants. It decreases your chances of nausea caused by food poisoning and toxic substances (like alcohol). Why do you think it’s included in all face masks? They are potent detoxifiers and your go-to food for keeping your gut clean and happy.

3. Keeps check on excessive bile

Did you know that nausea can be a symptom of bile reflux in your stomach? Bile is an alkaline juice stored in the liver that helps in the digestion of food. Excessive bile may trigger a massive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. A fine set-up for a vomiting fit! But worry not, our good ol’ lemon jumps straight to your rescue by keeping the bile juice secretion in check.

4. Gets rid of accumulated phlegm

Indigestion is another reason why your gut may be feeling uneasy. Lemon helps in getting rid of excess phlegm (mucus-like substance) from your digestive tract. This aids the digestion process in return - providing significant relief from nausea triggered by indigestion. 

5. Distracting smell

What’s the one thing that you remember about lemon the most? The overwhelming and distinct citrusy smell wafting off this tiny fruit… This strong smell also prevents nausea and motion sickness. How?

Research suggests that conflict in sensory perceptions causes motion sickness. For example, if your ears sense motion outside a car but your eyes are fixated on a book inside, this conflict between the senses causes a sick feeling in your gut. The distinct smell of lemon is proven to distract you from this conflict. So, damp your handkerchief with some drops of lemon for curing motion sickness during traveling.

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6. Easy on your gut

By now you already know that lemon is one of the most gut-friendly fruits. Lemon juice has a natural tendency to fight off infections, foster good bacteria, and soothe stomach ache. Unlike other chemicals, lemon for nausea is a natural remedy and has negligible side-effects. So, keep calm and Lem-on! 

7. Strengthens the immune system

Besides the common causes of nausea like food poisoning and indigestion, it is also caused by flu, common cold, or viral infections. A strong immune system is so essential to saving you from those random throw-ups. Lemon has an abundance of vitamin C which boosts your immunity and keeps your body healthy. It’s your battle shield 😉

Are you now frantically looking for lemons in your refrigerator? Go on and grab one to make a refreshing lemon tea or warm water lemonade. It works even better when paired with other products like ginger and mint.

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