reuse Lego toys

5 Fun Ways to Reuse Your LEGO Toys

Rewind Time. Pause: Childhood. Those carefree days and those LEGO blocks… Okay, have you –

Color coded LEGO blocks? ✅
Built a house with LEGO? ✅
And kept that for days to showcase your artistry? ✅
Did a LEGO shower on yourself for fun? ✅
Has your mum scolded you for not picking up your blocks? ✅
(Umm… because she stepped on a LEGO piece lying around… 😅)

Check ALL!

LEGO holds so many memories. It made our childhood. And it probably won’t be wrong to say that LEGO were the first toys that opened our minds and hearts to creativity. Remember those plastic boxes filled with little LEGO pieces - some would become a house, some a pyramid, some plain old gate, and some… umm, well, they were never found!

And then… we grew up. Those carefree-LEGO days were bid goodbye, and boxes stowed away. But, hey, LEGO doesn’t only mean building houses. Here are 5 awesome ways to reuse your lego blocks.

1. Surprise with a LEGO Gift Box

The next time you’re gonna gift someone, just skip the wrapping paper. Measure your gift and build an amazing ‘sturdy’ LEGO gift box. Creative, sustainable, and so fun! Your friend would definitely love the box more than the gift!

LEGO gift box

2. Artistry with Accessories

Heard of DIY accessories? Make a funky LEGO bracelet, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces or bowtie. Or an amazing customized brooch or a lapel pin to go with your dress. Hey, we are not kidding. LEGO blocks are amazingly flexible. And they never go out of fashion. Use them as statement pieces, and stand out from the crowd!

3. Customized Desk Organizer

You knew this was coming! And maybe, we have made it too in our childhood. So why not now? Take out those LEGO blocks, and build an amazing desk organizer – for all your stationery, sticky notes, pens, staplers, colors. And the best part? You can customize it completely. That’s the power of LEGO!

Customized Desk Organizer

4. Math Made Easy!

Do you have preschoolers at home? Use lego pieces to teach them mathematics, the fun way! Teach them counting, or even addition, subtraction, and other maths operations. We’re sure your kids would love the LEGO learning classes! (This teacher introduced using LEGO as maths tools).

Lego Math

5. LEGO Keyrings and Key Holder

This is a crazy hack but so creative. Drill a hole into your lego and use them as keyrings. Paste a lego piece on the wall with some double-sided tape. And there we go! Your very own LEGO home decor. 

And if you are really crazy about LEGO, make a whole table or a chest of drawers from these blocks. Or, you can MAKE A LEGO WALL in your bedroom! These colorful blocks hold cargoes of memories. And LEGO makes us believe that anything is possible. So, what are you waiting for? It’s Play Time!

LEGO of your limited boundaries and unleash your creativity… 😉