7 Health Benefits of Yummy DESi Tamarind - GO DESi Imli Pop

7 Health Benefits of Yummy DESi Tamarind

If you could choose the flavour of your life, what would it be? For us, it would be totally tamarind. Khatti-meethi imli keeps life happy and sweet but excitingly tangy. This versatile fruit is a D...
School memories - GO DESi

Reminiscing School Memories With Best Friend: It’s The Little Things

The good ol’ School days. You know what made them extra special? Our best friend. Remember how we used to make elaborate plans with our best friend for the day ahead — whether s/he was coming to sc...
A Little Tamarind, and a Lot of Weight Loss

7 DESi Traditional Indoor Games that Only 90s Kids Remember

Quiz time. Raise your hand if you know how to have fun at home. Okay, let’s spice that up further. Raise your hand if you know how to have fun at home without tech.  Haha. Gotcha. But if you’re a c...
7 reason why lemon prevent nausea

7 Reasons Why Lemons Prevent Nausea

Do you know why lemons prevent nausea? We wanted to know why too. So, we dug deeper and found out 7 reasons why lemons prevent nausea. Here we unveil the big secrets!
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7 Quick and Creative DIY Ideas that You Must Try Now

Are you dying of boredom these days? Staring at the clock waiting for time to pass, wondering when you get to go outside again? We’ve got your back. Stay safe indoors and keep yourself busy with th...
Grandma Recipe

5 Old School Food Recipes by a 107-Year-Old Grandma

Oh, grandma’s recipes. Let’s get real: no matter what we do, we can never make food as yummy as dadi or nani’s. But that doesn’t stop us from trying!  Thinking of grandmas, we lovingly remember dad...